Yes, the final Year One entry on the Best of List. Ian Horner of the website and podcasting glory talks snippage with me. We compare our experiences, and there is lots of swearing.

Big happy: JOB!!! ok, for three weeks. Still, I’m excited. Hope to keep up with the weekly cast, but I may miss next week. All encouraging or nagging messages can be sent by any of the contact means in the show notes. Email or Twitter are preferred, as I can reply to those on my phone on the train.

Segment of original show notes, showing how much things stay the same over the years:

NOW REPOSTED DUE TO CRAPPY FEED PROBLEMS. Thanks go to Stephen Eley for helping me diagnose my initial blunder. He does a sci fi and fantasy short fiction podcast called The Escape Pod over at and is just generally a really nice guy.

As always, this is copyright 2007, Chris Fisher, all rights reserved. In this episode, Ian and I get very personal and talk about our experiences getting fixed. So, as always, if you want to use any clips from this podcast, you have to get permission first. You can ask at podcast at…

I would call this “the cursed episode” if I were superstitious. This interview was initially recorded and abandoned due to special editing difficulties with that recording, re-recorded (thank you, Ian for your patience), edited, about to have the intro tacked on, and then a power outage and router reconfiguration took over 3 evenings of my computer time last week. If I haven’t responded to an email from you, I’m still catching up. Then I spent another evening backing up machines and installing new sound software. Today I check over the file, and there are sound gaps in it where I see waveforms on the screen but no sound comes out. So what you are hearing is the 2nd complete re-edit of the 2nd recording. The irony that this is episode 39, 13 times 3, does not escape me. Now, onto the show, whose 2nd re-edit was originally going to go out on Wednesday Feb 21st. *sigh*

Show notes:
Ian Horner of the Dai-cast can be found at .

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