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Sorry about the repeat of intro segment last time and missing last week. The holiday snuck up on me. Here is the link to the YouTube video of Cheyenne Wright’s performance at Origens:

Here are the relevant links to the original show notes: This episode includes a great interview with Laura Ciaccio, one of the national spokesmen of No Kidding! Reach her at Laura atsymbol about any of the things we discussed.
and even

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Ah, the Best of List. Jerry Steinberg, Founding Non-Father of NO KIDDING! joins us, with a few sound issues. We discuss the international child-free social club that he founded, the #1 child-free guy issue, and his answers to some of the questions I’ve discussed in previous shows. The interview was fun and too long for one show, so it will continue next week.

Current Happy Things:
Gail Carriger interview on Steampod’s feed:

I’m erstwhily cohosting Brass Needles, a sf/steampunk/knitting podcast. They’re teaching me to make very awesome socks, starting in Episode 7. Hee, socks!

And those Dr. Who toys I mentioned? Scroll down to the Related Images box. Here are some links to places that don’t have them to sell to me! Gah! Gah and grasshoppers! Gah, again! But SOOOO CUUUTE! So if any of you live somewhere where you CAN buy them, please PLEASE contact me and tell me how I can get you the money, ok? ;)

OK, Chris out. Next week, the rest of the interview! More Happy Things! Excelsior!

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