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New Happy stuff, followed by the reboot of Episode 13, originally aired on June 22, 2006. The last 2/3 of the interview with Jerry Steinberg, Founding Non-Father of NO KIDDING! includes huge amounts of Happy Stuff at the end from both Jerry and me.

Until next week, when I hope to have the episode out earlier in the week, Chris F, signing out.

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Ah, the Best of List. Jerry Steinberg, Founding Non-Father of NO KIDDING! joins us, with a few sound issues. We discuss the international child-free social club that he founded, the #1 child-free guy issue, and his answers to some of the questions I’ve discussed in previous shows. The interview was fun and too long for one show, so it will continue next week.

Current Happy Things:
Gail Carriger interview on Steampod’s feed: http://steampod.org/2009/05/interview-2-gail-carriger/

I’m erstwhily cohosting Brass Needles, a sf/steampunk/knitting podcast. They’re teaching me to make very awesome socks, starting in Episode 7. Hee, socks!

And those Dr. Who toys I mentioned? Scroll down to the Related Images box. Here are some links to places that don’t have them to sell to me! Gah! Gah and grasshoppers! Gah, again! But SOOOO CUUUTE! So if any of you live somewhere where you CAN buy them, please PLEASE contact me and tell me how I can get you the money, ok? ;)

OK, Chris out. Next week, the rest of the interview! More Happy Things! Excelsior!

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As stated in the previous blog post, some things are shifting rapidly in TASCFland. Here are 5 Happy Things and the audio explanation to match the previous blog entry.

Catch you next week with the first full installment of the Reboot!
Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out.

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Reboot time!  And struggling, so it’s time… to go weekly?

Since we have to reboot the blog and I’m having a helluva chronic fatigue slump (antivirals, would you kick in again already, please?) that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, here’s what’s happening: I’m going weekly with short new Happy Things intros and replaying the best of list.  You’ll get weekly content that takes me less time to produce, the podcast will keep happening while my body decides whether half-dosage is gonna work, and it sure beats taking summer entirely off.

The Best of list was intended particularly for new listeners who want to hopscotch through the archives to get a feel for the show. I selected 5 episodes from each year that seemed of most enduring interest. The links go to the permanent pages of the episodes on the old blog, which have the download and player buttons for the mp3.  I will repost the whole list with the new links when they have all been reposted to the feed.

Year 1, March 2006-March 2007:
Here are 5 of my favorite interviews from the first year that can quickly catch new listeners up. My audio skills got better over time, thank goodness!
1. Jerry Steinberg, founding non-Father of the No Kidding! social organization, part 1
2. Jerry Steinberg, founding non-Father of the No Kidding! social organization, part 2
3. Dr. Wendy Casper discusses a recent study on singles and family-friendly policies, very applicable to childfree folks in the workplace.
4. Laura Ciaccio, law student, blogger, and one of No Kidding’s national spokespersons discusses her CF life.
5. Ian and Snippage. Ian and I discuss our very different experiences getting fixed.

Year 2, March 2007-March 2008:
1. TASCF-Ep046 News and Issues with LT and Vinny
2. TASCF-Ep047 News and Jerry S returns
3. TASCF-Ep048 Site news and Matthew of Off Topic Talk
4. TASCF-Ep051 PeterRios-ComicGeekSpeak
5. TASCF-Ep053 George Hrab part 1 and TASCF-Ep054 Back George Hrab2

Year 3, March 2008-March 2009:
1. CFS cry for help from the podosphere. This brief PSA is in the list to explain the health context of my CF life. It’s applicable to all episodes starting in January 2007 as far as context goes, but I am no longer seeking help trying to get into clinical trials or specialists’ offices.
2. TASCF Ep057: Childfree Step-parents
3. TASCF-Ep058-MinxPolyamoryWeekly
4. TASCF-60 Ginger Campbell, MD of the Brain Science Podcast
5. TASCF-065:3 years of TASCF, Juanzetta Flowers interview Technically the first show of year 4, but definitely something new listeners should hear.

Thanks for listening! CF out.

This is a test to see if the new feed is working.

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The show will now be based off this blog page with its much-easier-to-remember URL.  The old stuff is still at http://gettingby.net/blog/nfblog although I expect some of the files to no longer be connected sometime in the near future.  I’ll be posting the “best of” list from the 3 preceeding years of TASCF and repodcasting them to get them in this feed over the course of the summer. 

Is the feed changing!  Yep, that too.  More details and links and easy buttons as they begin to exist.

Things will be a little hectic while all of this happens.  In the meantime, may I suggest you check out the Brass Needles podcast at http://www.brassneedles.com/ where I have become “the erstwhile co-host.”  This is a sci-fi, steampunk, and knitting podcast.

Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out.

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