New rounds of medicine have not helped the chronic fatigue, and I’m out of energy for so many things after 3 years fighting this.  While it’s no surprise, really, at this point, I am podfading.  75 episodes, not a bad run.  Thanks to all of you for listening, especially those who have become my friends and whom I would never have met if not for podcasting. 

I do owe apologies to Laura Scott for her great interview.  My recorder’s SD card died right as I was uploading the file to my PC.  Her new book, Two is Enough, has a Facebook page and website, and the rather fascinating research-based book can be found here:

The recorder has since had its card replaced and gone to another podcaster that will give it more use.  I have other, less robust-sounding mikes for recording clips for other folks, but I don’t anticipate resurrecting this project any time soon.  If you would like to take over the show or this feed for a similar show, etc. please email me at podcast at and we can figure out something.

I have updated my hub page with contact info, Twitterage and other projects, and costume gallery.  Check there to see what I do with my waking hours these days.

Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out.

2 Responses to “Podfading”

  1. Tosus says:

    We will miss you. Your show holds a special place in the pantheon of podcasts. I wish you nothing but the best.

  2. Nomad Scry says:

    Like Tosus said, we’ll miss ya and hope that you can beat CFS (with a big stick.)

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