Skepticism extends beyond used cars, religion, and diet fads. It is, essentially, having an active BS meter armed with accurate-as-we-can-manage knowledge about the world we live in, and giving a second look at everything, including our own cultural assumptions.

The Skepchicks just posted an article about several of the things that make me not want to ever be pregnant. I think they only left out the likelihood of episiotomy and other post-pregnancy sexual changes, the risk of permanent but generally low-level incontinence (urinary or fecal), and that one also pisses oneself during delivery.

Please, forward their link around. It may educate someone who “never saw that bit on TV.” Arm your BS meters, people. Then make your choices.

Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out.

New rounds of medicine have not helped the chronic fatigue, and I’m out of energy for so many things after 3 years fighting this.  While it’s no surprise, really, at this point, I am podfading.  75 episodes, not a bad run.  Thanks to all of you for listening, especially those who have become my friends and whom I would never have met if not for podcasting. 

I do owe apologies to Laura Scott for her great interview.  My recorder’s SD card died right as I was uploading the file to my PC.  Her new book, Two is Enough, has a Facebook page and website, and the rather fascinating research-based book can be found here:

The recorder has since had its card replaced and gone to another podcaster that will give it more use.  I have other, less robust-sounding mikes for recording clips for other folks, but I don’t anticipate resurrecting this project any time soon.  If you would like to take over the show or this feed for a similar show, etc. please email me at podcast at and we can figure out something.

I have updated my hub page with contact info, Twitterage and other projects, and costume gallery.  Check there to see what I do with my waking hours these days.

Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out.