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A long, kinda rambling Happy Things segment. Jasper Fforde wrote The Big Over Easy. Lassen Volcanic and Humboldt parks rocked. So did the G.I. Joe movie, as far as my expectations went.

    Original show notes for ep 46:

My heartfelt thanks to LT and Vinny (No Kidding spokespeople for ) for the news and issues this week.
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Happy Things: Help from friends like Laura and Vinny. A miscellany of nice things I’ve noticed around here recently.

Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out with many thanks for the help.

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Rumors of my podfading are greatly exaggerated. The loss of Perry hit me pretty hard, and then the new kitten wore me out, and me worn out (as usual) shortly led to my getting sick for a few days. I was too aware of missing DragonCon this year, Mr. Fixed Kitty and I are getting a new D&D campaign and world rolling that takes up way more time than I thought it would, and I just didn’t have any Happy Things in me for a bit there. The Happy is coming back slowly.

I am picking myself back up, I have a file mostly ready to go, and I’m about to go for some vacation time with Mr. Fixed Kitty. The podcast will go up afterwards, as I’m now frantically getting ready and trying to pre-emptively rest at the same time. I really need the Bust Outta Dodge time.

Catch you on the flipside,