Yay! I’m finally better!

That just dragged on for way too long. OK, now to work on podcasting, now that I sound normal again.

Expect a post with pics of knitted things, shiny things, and a big trade have/seeking list with photo links in a few days. I know we’re all short on cash, but perhaps the stuff you have is the stuff I’m looking for and vice versa!


Ugh. Nyquil level sick.

The podcast will not be going out late this week, but rather, early next week. I feel wretched when I am awake. Nyquil tends to fix the awake part. Back soon,

TASCF-063-Hello 2009!

3 news items:
1. Bowling Green Group now meeting,
2. http://iheartguts.com/recall/index.htm the Uterus recall (hee!)
3. http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/blog/2009/01/17/ooopsshe-did-it-again-anticontraception-nurse-take-womens-wombs-her-own-hands It has reached a point where it almost makes sense to ask each health care provider what their definition of abortion is before you let them treat you….. Those of you using IUDs and other device-based birth control, be careful and attentive to your providers’ attitudes toward your choices. And not only to switch providers but to complain about this BS to their superiors with the words “unacceptable” and possibly “negligent” in those complaints.

Comments on the new audio setup?

The Inlaws visit was really nice, tiring, but good.

New Year’s Resolutions: Getting healthy and get employed again is really my one big goal, but it’s not entirely up to me and my efforts, and I don’t know how to plan that out. And I miss that feeling of having the plan, of starting a new program and booyah taking charge.

I have a bunch of birthday and Xmas gift knitting projects for the year. To fund the yarn purchases, I’m selling the Girl Genius “Lucrezia” costume (see previous blog post), but the annual gifting will be cheaper for it! Look at the previous post for details. In order to drum up some more Etsy sales to afford the rest of this year’s yarn, I will rebate 20% of the item price if you enter the code “yarn1” with your order, now through Feb 15. http://www.Etsy.com , search sellers for chrisfixedkitty, all one word.

Happy Things…
-Stitches West and yarn-birthday joy. Photos of projects as I finish them!
-Next show’s interview raw files… really pleased. Catch it in 2 weeks!
-Garden… in 2 more weeks, start planting indoor seedlings for spring. Love watching them poke up through the dirt!! Also, starting a worm-bin for composting soon. Cheap setup, supposed to be v ery low smell, veggie scraps to enrich dirt. Eco-goodness!

Welcome to 2009!
Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out.

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Lucrezia Heterodyne costume for sale

Lucrezia Heterodyne costume for sale by broke GBACG member (as posted to the GBACG)

This costume was worn to Costume Con 26 in San Jose, but now I need to raise money for 2009 gifting craft supplies. I hope another fan can use it for the upcoming PEERS Girl Genius dance in April, Wondercon and other cons, etc.

Some detail reference pages from the online comic:
Photos from Costume Con 26:
The costume as shown on the Girl Genius cosplay site:

I’m selling the corset cover/bodice, knickers, 2 molded and painted trilobite brooches, and the lined coat with interfaced mantle and beaded/ silver thread sleeve embroidery at the cuffs (done by hand) for $70. You can pickup or $7 for s/h through USPS.

The corset cover has 2 pant hooks in the back and closes completely at a 32-34 inch bust and a 26-27 inch waist. The top hook could be moved to get 2.5 more inches. The waist hook could be replaced with elastic to get a few more inches without changing the look in front. I placed 3 U-hooks at roughly 2, 6, and 10 o’clock to keep the cover attached and above the corset level.

The knickers have cheery lace trim at waist and legs. The waist is elastic, 25 inches unstretched, 45 inches at maximum stretch. The legs are also elastic at the cuffs to maintain poofiness, 11 inches unstretched, 17 inches at maximum stretch.

The coat body is lined with cotton velveteen for comfy warmth. The sleeves have an elastic band to keep them floating so that fingertips just barely show below the double-cuff and silver thread embroidery. The coat is 37 inches from neck to bottom along the center of the back.

For $100, I’ll throw in the matching beaded velveteen slippers (roughly size 8-8 ½), the black goggles with green lenses, and a third trilobite brooch. If you want to complete the outfit in the same way, you can get the socks from Sock Dreams and the goggles from the Girl Genius website ($ plus s/h). The hatbox as bag isn’t Girl Genius canon, but I picked it up at Michael’s and added the strap.

Want to try on or see pictures of specific details? Email me for any additional information at chris@gettingby.net. I’m in Newark, just off the Dumbarton Bridge/880.

Chris Fisher.

My iRiver is dead. All hail the iRiver.

The warning signs didn’t lie. Poor ol’ thing’s HD doesn’t even hum a bit when trying to power up. *sniff* It was a lovely lil box while it lasted. I had just recorded 2 things for other folks and transferred them to my PC, so you may hear my voice elsewhere very soon; I’ll post links when that happens.

Also, the short TASCF silence into January won’t last long. I owe a great deal of thanks to a fellow podcaster who sold me her used Verra Niiice recording equipment “for whatever [I] could afford”. Thank you, and thank you to all relatives who gave me money for Xmas. My car battery and my podcast thank you. I also owe thanks to my crafting buddy, who gave me her “it came free with the headphones” mp3 player that she doesn’t use. So I remain a podcaster and a listener! :)

The circle of charity is a strange one, because this weekend we’re feeding and sheltering someone who has to drive crosscountry back home because months of jobhunting where he had been laid off weren’t fruitful. I firmly believe what I told him: Don’t worry about it. We all get through the rough times together. We do the best we can. Sometimes we’re paying forward into the Help Pot, and sometimes we’re paying back, but we are all in this together.

Best of luck to all in 2009, and may all your efforts pay off. Talk to you soon, CF

Episode 62- Schnappy Holly Daze

Episode 62- Schnappy Holly Daze

Lots o’stuff happening around Casa Fixed Kitty. I briefly outline the bad, the good, and the hectic.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Brilliant Gameologists podcast: http://brilliantgameologists.com
My Etsy store of sparkly crafts needing a new home: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5744719
My Amazon wishlist (cuz you all feel compelled to send me prezzies. Heh!): http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/GKQ2TD258PKD

OK, folks, it’s time for me to collapse. The visiting folks arrive tomorrow. Gotta blast.
Next episode in 2009 and back up to the bimonthly schedule.

Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out for 2008

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I can haz Etsy!

I’m still loading stuff into the store, but I thought I’d share now.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Yes, expect an episode later this week.

No, I guess I don’t get to go to DragonCon this year after all. I’ll tell you in the podcast later this week.

CF out.

Backpack kitty photo

http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisfixedkitty/ has the backpack kitty photo referenced in the previous show.

Yeah, you know I’m behind on all things 2.0. Photos of my jewelry, etc. coming soon!

TASCF-061 Thanksgiving 2008

Kim of the Geek Pantheon and much other goodness after my own heart: http://geekpantheon.com
Snopes link about ICE phone entries: http://www.snopes.com/crime/prevent/icephone.asp

Thanks to Gary from Jacksonville for compliments. Again, if you are dissatisfied w audio on interviews and can tell me how to better even them out in Audacity, please do!

Link to F&W Short rib stew recipe: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/short-rib-stew

Picture of cat in backpack: on my Flickr next week, barring further difficulties!

Brilliant Gameologist podcast: http://brilliantgameologists.com/
RPG by-geography board: http://www.penandpapergames.com/

DNA scarf knitting pattern: http://www.twosheep.com/helix/

Happy Thanksgiving, all, no matter where you live!
Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out!

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Why I’m not Magpie-ing my Twitterstream

Last night, my husband gave me the one good argument for not doing magpie on my tweet stream that might exist. Some of the people following my tweetstream are those of whom I am a fan, and I probably derive more joy from their slight electronic presence in my life than I would from the small amount of money I expect from magpie. They are also people who probably have an overwhelming # of tweet people and would most understandably get annoyed by spamtweeting and drop me. This was the only good argument presented against the ads, but it was sufficient.

That said, just bringing it up over the last 3 days was an interesting, if unintentional, social experiment. I have 130 friends on twitter. One person expressed understanding w the unemployed-thus-ads stance, one person from my real life dropped me and asked to be notified when I dropped magpie, and not a peep out of the other 128. One commented (Brian Richardson of What the Cast and DragonConTV , a charming fellow) that I’ll “find out soon enough” if everyone hates it, and that probably predicts more accurately most people’s reaction: not willing to say “oh pls don’t do it”, not willing to tell me they’re dropping me before they do, just off into the electronic night without a goodbye.

I have a mixed emotional reaction to this. Part of me feels that I create some decent content on Twitter (quote of the day, purposely keeping ~90% of my tweets just to that which might amuse, bolster, or create discussion) and so 2-3 ads per week is a minimal commercial intrusion for what is provided. Part of me feels that my unemployment grants more allowability to put in the ads, which was seconded by one person. Of course I understand that no one actually wants them to show up. No one is feeling the want of ads, after all, and telling me to put some into the stream.

Then there is the slightly less net-and-CC-belovable emotional reaction. I do try hard to create interesting content, and most of the people who follow me have never said a word to me. That’s a very broadcast-viewer relationship, or at least niche-cast, and I feel I might as well benefit in some way for the goods I provide them. If they have never spoken to me and will drop me for trying to gain some tangible benefit from what they enjoy, what have I really lost (with the possible exception of the people like Phil Plait, etc. to whom I alluded above)? A popularity number? If that number reflects a set who are 1)unwilling to help me out via pardoning the ads while I’m unemployed and 2) who won’t speak to me anyway even to request I not displease them when I have asked them thrice for their opinions on the matter, I would have only lost the fairest-weather friends from the list of followers. It would make my friendset more honestly my friends and weed out those who are not interacting with me, and I cannot say that would be a bad thing outside of the specified exceptions.

There are those who follow the Creative Commons philosophy that everything you produce should be an open gift to all, and the rewards you get will be the greater for it. Outside of my podcast (where the payoff is the meeting of new CF friends and a repayment of my own emotional debt to the childfree listserv that made me feel not-alone when I found it), I only follow this philosophy to the “yes, give them a decent-chunk-of-freebie taste of your book/photography/other project to judge whether they wish to support the rest of your work” extent. I have seen too many photo-emails with the copyright stamps blurred out on the photos or which comprise half of a book without _any_ credit given to the now-lost photographer to be easy with the “open gift” CC philosophy for everything. I also have seen a growth in attitudes of entitlement across American society in the last 15 years, and while Ayn Rand pushed her point to the extreme liberally with a sledgehammer, I do believe that the creation of value/content should benefit the creators. I’d love to talk with other photographers who do follow the CC/net 2.0 model about how well they have made it work, but the opportunity hasn’t come up. Frankly, I suspect the freebie can only ever be a taster/ad/get a name built tip of the iceberg for a fiscally-self-supporting photographer, but I’m open to being shown I’m wrong.

If wanting to benefit tangibly from my creative work is now “crass” to the net community, I can only raise the point that creative people have many things they could do with their creation time instead, such as socializing, other hobbies they enjoy that do not create entertainment for others, their own passive entertainments, life obligations and that paying stuff, sleep, or sex. Yeah, I could spend an evening editing my work for the anonymous public, or I could spend it having a helluva romp with my husband. It’s a spectrum, not a binary choice, but if I start to feel that the producing only drifts off to the bottomless void and that I receive insufficient benefit making it public-worthy and available, I’m going to spend more evenings otherwise occupied.

So what will I be doing to support my upcoming hosting renewal? Putting up a paypal donation button on this blog, signing up for an ad service for my show note blog posts that doesn’t deliver diaper and daycare ads due to strange keywordage with “childfree”, and starting jewelry sales via etsy or the webstore app that comes with my hosting. I would appreciate advice and opinions on all of these points!

Chris the Fixed Kitty

Note: Henry has been reading Jane Austen novels to me in the evening for the last 3 weeks. Please blame any formal anachronisms in the above on her wiggling into my brain rather than any pretentious airs on my part.

CF cartoon today!

http://www.thedevilspanties.com/ for Nov. 17. We’ve all had this moment.

TASCF-60 Ginger Campbell, MD of the Brain Science Podcast

Promo by John Cmar: http://www.saintnickanuck.com/

Chris update:
11 hours of sleep/night = the goodness. I’m up to reading comic books and manga, but a recent book reading attempt just left me struggling and not enjoying it. Less than 10h still not leaves me less functional than that and headachy all day. I caught up on the cleaning backlog. My container garden grows lettuce really well . So some improvements are definitely happening, and I haven’t reached the bored point yet.

CF News: Thanks, Erik for letting me know about this one! BGSU Monitor, an online weekly newsletter reports that a Child-free by Choice support group is forming, The initial meeting will be held at 5:15 p.m. Nov. 20 in the Women’s Center, 108 Hanna Hall. The group will begin regular meetings in the spring and is seeking input and planning help. “Child free” refers to anyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, who chooses not to have children. The group will provide a supportive environment for discussions of individual life choices, reproductive freedoms and struggles associated with being child-free. Contact Jodi Thomas at 2-2081 (419-372-2081) for further information.

Interview w Ginger Campbell http://virginiacampbellmd.com/ (portal to everything)
Brain Science Podcast: http://docartemis.com/brainsciencepodcast/
Books and Ideas Podcast: http://docartemis.com/blog/category/books-and-ideas-podcast/
Science Podcasters site: http://docartemis.com/sciencepodcasters/

Happy Things: old movie: Babette’s Feast http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babette’s_Feast
Henry has a break this week w comp days, first vacation w brain online most of the time in 2 years. Various errands, including last stockup shopping trip before the holiday season and at least one night w the telescope. If you hear this in time, the annual Leonid meteor shower will peak on Sunday night the 16th. I’m looking forward to a late night picnic w hot cider in thermoses. Mrmmm, good times.

Finally, song suggested by Ian Horner ( http://www.tiltyhouse.com/ ): http://www.archive.org/details/PaulWhitemanwithRamonaDavies
Snippets from this 1934 recording will become intro/outro and maybe even bed music for future episodes unless someone submits something I like better. This song also answers the decades-long question “What are the lyrics in English”?” as regards the opening number of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” in Chinese. And if it isn’t public domain like I think it is, somebody let me know…

Shnazzy all-that-info ender’s debut:
Show notes and comment box at gettingby.net and click podcast
Email: Podcast at gettingby dot net
LJ and Twitter: ChrisFixedKitty
Facebook: Christine Fisher, Silicon Valley

Til next time… Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing off.

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TASCF-059 DCon catchup

Intro by Jack Hosley of Wander Radio

DragonCon recollections and references to Mur Lafferty , Astronomy Cast, Dr. Pamela Gaye, The Year of Astronomy, James Randi, and you can look down a few entries to see the links to the DragonCon pictures.

Happy Stuff: Samurai Jack, Will You Still Love Me if I Wet the Bed? by Liz Prince, and Gloom and Mad Scientist University by Atlas Games.

See you in 2 weeks!

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The cobbler’s children have no shoes.

Despite best intentions, I’m not getting the next epi out before I lose my home internet connection on Tuesday. I have bits for other people who do have regular schedules coming due, and that takes less time, which I do have. Thanks to Nitrolad for help with one of those bits! Also, thanks to Ian for finding some new music for the show!

The good news is that the new ISP has been found and I’m signing up for service hookup for Thursday. We’ll see if their scheduler cooperates. Then you can expect a regular bimonthly podcast from me.

See you on the other side!

I quit my job today

My last day is October 15. Everyone was very nice about it.

It feels entirely odd; I’ve never quit a job without having already lined up my next job or school or a massive move. It’s the health thing. I’ve now been fighting this thing for 20 months. The medical leave taught me that I function much better when resting adequately. While I’m trying an off-label use of an antiviral that worked well for chronic fatigue patients in a small clinical trial, the trial took 6 months. I just don’t have it in me to hang in that much longer while I wait and see.

It’s going to be fiscally tight, but overall, this is really the best choice for me and Henry at this time. He’s been strongly suggesting it since spring, and now we really know that it will help and that it is more than worth the household belt-tightening to have the non-Zombie version of Chris most of the time. I’m going to get my 10.5 hours of sleep every night and eat healthier because I can wake up in time for the Farmer’s Market on the weekends and we can cook less for “what will feed us for 3 days so we can get through most of the week without cooking?”. I’ll also be napping as much as my body demands and walking down to the Mexican grocery on the corner during the week. I might even get enough concentration back to tackle a few projects with gusto that have on the backburner for nearly a year.

Obviously, this is why I mentioned that this podcast is going to become more regular in the future in the state of the Chris. My internet service has to change companies in mid-October, right when I leave work. If I go silent for a bit, it’s because I’m down to tweeting and emailing from my phone. I may not get direct tweets, but please do email me and say hi!. In the meantime, I’ll be editing shows for release when I’m back up, gardening, napping, and maybe even recreating my homepage that points to all the projects I have going/done on the web.

I feel like I have tied the bungee cord to my ankles and leaned a bit too far forward on a tall bridge. It’s a relief and it’s scary and it doesn’t quite feel real and there is a metaphorical whooshing sound in my ears. This could be a wonderful thing that enables me to get better and take up some old creative projects and the life plan I had 2 years ago. This could be a horrible mistake that I will regret in 5 years. I don’t know. It’s a necessary choice and it seems right with what I know at this moment. So I’m going to water my plants, plant the seedling that I germinated in cups this weekend, and then shower and go to bed.

Take care, be happy, and wish me luck.
Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out.