Non-post for file transfer…

This is not the TASCF blog entry you’re looking for. Move along. New episode next week. ;) When this material is aired properly, I’ll tell all of you and provide linkage to that show.

Chris M: Here are the files and show notes more directly.

Show notes:
The first 1 ½ minutes of the interview have mild echo and noise issues. These unfortunate effects cease and do not recur after the initial 90 seconds.

Links to Chris Fisher’s other work can be found at the (desperately requiring aesthetic renovation) site, or by searching chrisfixedkitty on Twitter, Flickr, Etsy, Livejournal, or Ravelry.

Links to Gail Carriger’s projects and blog can be found at , and her novel can be preordered at

Note to Chris M.: Please check my stereo/mono acceptability on the intro and the interview. Also, please add your end-bumper. I didn’t want to stick mp3’d material into a wav for re-mp3ing.

First file, the intro (linky for right-click download):

The big file, (linky for download):

Toldja tech hates me. ;P

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