Feed shift to new website

Due to some unexpected alterations and with the generous help of Chris Lester, author podcaster of the Metamor City podcast fiction yumminess, I’m rebooting the podcast over to the much simpler to remember URL: http://gettingby.net/podcast and forwarding the old feed to this page through iTunes. I say I’m doing this with the definition of “Chris Lester did this on my behalf to prevent my not-so-inner techtard from messing things up.” If you don’t use iTunes, you need to go to the new site and resubscribe through your podcatcher of choice. Also, if you see Chris at a con, buy him a cookie or something as a thank-you.

Expect short PSA/promo files to come down the feed as I test out everything.

In the due course of time, all the links on this site to the podcast files put out through Farpoint Media will break. I’m repodcasting my 5 “best of” episodes from each of the 3 years of the show over at the new site. The rest will be lost to podosphere history and my backup disk. If there’s another episode that you simply must regain access to, email me for the file.

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