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Fun essay from a mid-30s female:
By Colleen Kane

2 articles from the journal Conception. The instructions need improvement, and women vary in ovulation timing.

The Lucrezia costume sold, and I have an extensive wanna-trade? list up with lots of photos at http://gettingby.net/blog/nfblog/2009/02/february-2009-trade-list/ This has helped me acquire most of the yarn for this year’s gifting. Stitches 2009 is this weekend, and there’s one last person for whom I want something else instead of what I have.

Happy Things:
I’m not sick anymore! Man, that was evil and dragged on! My birthday party went well, and my friends get along. Unemployment guilt has been oddly alleviated.

http://www.chickenalaska.com/chicken/index.html is hilarious and the basis of a dinner party I’m planning.

New glasses time! I really love picking out the new functional-jewelry-on-your-face for the next 1-2 years!

Next week: 3 years of TASCF! An interview and soonish, a top-5 list of each year. Any shows you think belong on this list?

Ok, next show next week. Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out

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