February 2009 trade list

Yes, we’re all a little broke or at least cagey with our spending these days. That doesn’t mean we’re resourceless! I have a long list of items to trade for another long list of items I want below. I’d like to trade for roughly equal values, but I’m open to stretching the posted values or making partial trade/partial sales. Please propose your trade by contacting me at podcast@gettingby.net or sending a message in Twitter or LiveJournal to ChrisFixedKitty.

Stuff I have to trade that you might want:
1. Things I’ve already posted on my Etsy store at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5744719 and can unlist for trade

2. I’ve posted a set on Flickr of stitch markers, row markers, and jewelry that I have yet to post on Etsy, as well as some toys, craft supplies, etc. http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisfixedkitty/sets/72157613735535558/

3. There are some additional jewelry bits not yet posted on Etsy in this set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisfixedkitty/sets/72157611110506675/

4. Custom work similar to above but different color, size, etc.

5. Starbucks gift card with $15.75 credit remaining. A gift, and I don’t drink coffee.

6. An old iRiver IFP-895 stick, 512 MB without associated software but with the belt clip and lanyard. Still powers up with AA battery, but I can’t convince my PC to read it and I’ve lost the driver software. Great mic for podcasting, though! Roughly $20, I think?

Stuff I want that you might have:

1. Knitting category (yard minimums listed, usually would happily take more than that yardage)
a. Part of Vogue Knitting Winter 2008/2009, the abbreviation&chart key and Green Iiris pattern pages
b. Blank yarn to dye
c. 5, 7, 8, 9 non metal DPNs
d. Amigurumi of cupcakes, onigiri (riceballs), squid, octopi, cthulhu, especially any unstuffed or stuffed with pincushion stuff. Other amigurumi? Whatcha have?
e. SOAK, no scent. I think it’s called Aqua. Just want to try it, so last use or 2 of a bottle is fine.
f. Laceweight yarn, not scratchy, not pink/orange/purple/grey. 400+ yard remnants fine.
g. DK or heavier remnants for mini-sweater/mittens/sock Xmas ornament project. Same color restrictions as f, 20+ yards fine.
h. Cascade Pastaza, Superwash Quatro, or Sierra Quatro, same color restrictions as f, 300+ yards.
i. Di.Ve Autunno yarn, same color restrictions as f. 1+ skeins.
j. Rowan Tapestry yarn, same color restrictions as previous item. 1+ skeins.
k. Nature Wool by Araucania, #19 Chocolate. 2+ skeins.
l. Artyarns Supermerino- Capuccino colorway. 400 yards+.
m. Amigurumi of cupcakes, onigiri (riceballs), squid, octopi, cthulhu, especially any unstuffed or stuffed with pincushion stuff. Other amigurumi? Whatcha have?
n. Have other not all-acrylic yarn? Whatcha have?

2. Crafty costumey category

a. Haircloth interfacing, especially fusible. Sometimes called “Tailor’s Pride” or “Tailor’s interfacing”
b. Neat pincushions that aren’t tomatoes, strawberries, or baby/child-cutesy. Pincushion innards.
c. Amigurumi of cupcakes, onigiri (riceballs), squid, octopi, cthulhu, especially any unstuffed or stuffed with pincushion stuff. Other amigurumi? Whatcha have?
d. Old watches, watch or clock parts, vintage jewelry, especially nonplastic haircombs!
e. Scupley clay, any color or version. Remnants fine as long as still workable.
f. Fountain pens, ink, blotters
g. Steampunk/Edwardian/Victorian or 1940sesque stuff, whatcha have?
h. Buttons, beading wire, or antique tone brass, copper, or silver beads.
i. Lampwork or dichroic glass beads or focal pieces. Stone beads, whatcha have?
j. Magazines- Cooking or baking (not Lite), Beading, Sewing, or Knitting. Whole magazines are preferred but not entirely necessary. Let me know which issues in request, ok?

3. Other stuff category
a. Any item on my Amazon wishlist at http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/GKQ2TD258PKD and yes, I do like used books better! No creasing guilt!
b. Used mp3 player with a pause function that holds the place through poweroff, any memory size. Must have associated software.
c. Japanese tea bowls, screens, or cookbooks in English.
d. D&D books version 3.5, not PHB, Complete Adventurer, or Arms and Equipment Guide.
e. Heirloom veggie seeds. Raspberry, strawberry, or red currant seeds. If local, plant pots or ladybugs.
f. Gift certificates from SockDreams, Amazon, or Knitpicks, or other stores you think I’d like.

Hope we can help each other out!

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