TASCF-063-Hello 2009!

3 news items:
1. Bowling Green Group now meeting,
2. http://iheartguts.com/recall/index.htm the Uterus recall (hee!)
3. http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/blog/2009/01/17/ooopsshe-did-it-again-anticontraception-nurse-take-womens-wombs-her-own-hands It has reached a point where it almost makes sense to ask each health care provider what their definition of abortion is before you let them treat you….. Those of you using IUDs and other device-based birth control, be careful and attentive to your providers’ attitudes toward your choices. And not only to switch providers but to complain about this BS to their superiors with the words “unacceptable” and possibly “negligent” in those complaints.

Comments on the new audio setup?

The Inlaws visit was really nice, tiring, but good.

New Year’s Resolutions: Getting healthy and get employed again is really my one big goal, but it’s not entirely up to me and my efforts, and I don’t know how to plan that out. And I miss that feeling of having the plan, of starting a new program and booyah taking charge.

I have a bunch of birthday and Xmas gift knitting projects for the year. To fund the yarn purchases, I’m selling the Girl Genius “Lucrezia” costume (see previous blog post), but the annual gifting will be cheaper for it! Look at the previous post for details. In order to drum up some more Etsy sales to afford the rest of this year’s yarn, I will rebate 20% of the item price if you enter the code “yarn1” with your order, now through Feb 15. http://www.Etsy.com , search sellers for chrisfixedkitty, all one word.

Happy Things…
-Stitches West and yarn-birthday joy. Photos of projects as I finish them!
-Next show’s interview raw files… really pleased. Catch it in 2 weeks!
-Garden… in 2 more weeks, start planting indoor seedlings for spring. Love watching them poke up through the dirt!! Also, starting a worm-bin for composting soon. Cheap setup, supposed to be v ery low smell, veggie scraps to enrich dirt. Eco-goodness!

Welcome to 2009!
Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out.

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