Lucrezia Heterodyne costume for sale

Lucrezia Heterodyne costume for sale by broke GBACG member (as posted to the GBACG)

This costume was worn to Costume Con 26 in San Jose, but now I need to raise money for 2009 gifting craft supplies. I hope another fan can use it for the upcoming PEERS Girl Genius dance in April, Wondercon and other cons, etc.

Some detail reference pages from the online comic:
Photos from Costume Con 26:
The costume as shown on the Girl Genius cosplay site:

I’m selling the corset cover/bodice, knickers, 2 molded and painted trilobite brooches, and the lined coat with interfaced mantle and beaded/ silver thread sleeve embroidery at the cuffs (done by hand) for $70. You can pickup or $7 for s/h through USPS.

The corset cover has 2 pant hooks in the back and closes completely at a 32-34 inch bust and a 26-27 inch waist. The top hook could be moved to get 2.5 more inches. The waist hook could be replaced with elastic to get a few more inches without changing the look in front. I placed 3 U-hooks at roughly 2, 6, and 10 o’clock to keep the cover attached and above the corset level.

The knickers have cheery lace trim at waist and legs. The waist is elastic, 25 inches unstretched, 45 inches at maximum stretch. The legs are also elastic at the cuffs to maintain poofiness, 11 inches unstretched, 17 inches at maximum stretch.

The coat body is lined with cotton velveteen for comfy warmth. The sleeves have an elastic band to keep them floating so that fingertips just barely show below the double-cuff and silver thread embroidery. The coat is 37 inches from neck to bottom along the center of the back.

For $100, I’ll throw in the matching beaded velveteen slippers (roughly size 8-8 ½), the black goggles with green lenses, and a third trilobite brooch. If you want to complete the outfit in the same way, you can get the socks from Sock Dreams and the goggles from the Girl Genius website ($ plus s/h). The hatbox as bag isn’t Girl Genius canon, but I picked it up at Michael’s and added the strap.

Want to try on or see pictures of specific details? Email me for any additional information at I’m in Newark, just off the Dumbarton Bridge/880.

Chris Fisher.

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