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Chris update:
11 hours of sleep/night = the goodness. I’m up to reading comic books and manga, but a recent book reading attempt just left me struggling and not enjoying it. Less than 10h still not leaves me less functional than that and headachy all day. I caught up on the cleaning backlog. My container garden grows lettuce really well . So some improvements are definitely happening, and I haven’t reached the bored point yet.

CF News: Thanks, Erik for letting me know about this one! BGSU Monitor, an online weekly newsletter reports that a Child-free by Choice support group is forming, The initial meeting will be held at 5:15 p.m. Nov. 20 in the Women’s Center, 108 Hanna Hall. The group will begin regular meetings in the spring and is seeking input and planning help. “Child free” refers to anyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, who chooses not to have children. The group will provide a supportive environment for discussions of individual life choices, reproductive freedoms and struggles associated with being child-free. Contact Jodi Thomas at 2-2081 (419-372-2081) for further information.

Interview w Ginger Campbell http://virginiacampbellmd.com/ (portal to everything)
Brain Science Podcast: http://docartemis.com/brainsciencepodcast/
Books and Ideas Podcast: http://docartemis.com/blog/category/books-and-ideas-podcast/
Science Podcasters site: http://docartemis.com/sciencepodcasters/

Happy Things: old movie: Babette’s Feast http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babette’s_Feast
Henry has a break this week w comp days, first vacation w brain online most of the time in 2 years. Various errands, including last stockup shopping trip before the holiday season and at least one night w the telescope. If you hear this in time, the annual Leonid meteor shower will peak on Sunday night the 16th. I’m looking forward to a late night picnic w hot cider in thermoses. Mrmmm, good times.

Finally, song suggested by Ian Horner ( http://www.tiltyhouse.com/ ): http://www.archive.org/details/PaulWhitemanwithRamonaDavies
Snippets from this 1934 recording will become intro/outro and maybe even bed music for future episodes unless someone submits something I like better. This song also answers the decades-long question “What are the lyrics in English”?” as regards the opening number of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” in Chinese. And if it isn’t public domain like I think it is, somebody let me know…

Shnazzy all-that-info ender’s debut:
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Til next time… Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing off.

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One Response to “TASCF-60 Ginger Campbell, MD of the Brain Science Podcast”

  1. Lika Says:

    I’ve been enjoying your podcasts for a while, and love the people you interview. It’s such a relief to find an childfree space that’s not all about bashing children and being bitter towards parents, but actually has thoughtful and intelligent content and conversation. I enjoyed this episode quite a bit.

    First of all, your descriptions about going to a yarn store made me grin. I’m a knitter who gets excited at words like “silk blend”, so it’s always fun to see someone get excited about it. It’s also great to see someone use knitting for geeky means. If you haven’t checked out Fandom_knit, you definitely should.

    Secondly, when you were asking for ideas, I was going to ask about looking at any regrets a childfree person might have, but Ginger Campbell, who was FABULOUS btw, mentioned it at the end of the show. That was great, especially since I knew if I remain childfree, I would have some, but I still didn’t think that meant that having children was right for me.

    Lastly, you read Water for Chocolate! I read it back in high school and was absolutely enchanted by it. I totally agree, having children just so you have someone to take care of you is a lousy reason to have kids. That said, I do think there’s something to be said for having descendents in one’s life when s/he is older, and it does ease a lot of the loneliness I think a lot of seniors suffer from. But then I read a lot of stories in the newspaper of seniors in China and India who talk about their children never visiting and how bitter they are about that, and there’s always one Dear Abby letter every season about a neglected elderly person whose kids never visit except to ask for money.

    Anyways, great podcast as usual. Looking forward to the next one.