I quit my job today

My last day is October 15. Everyone was very nice about it.

It feels entirely odd; I’ve never quit a job without having already lined up my next job or school or a massive move. It’s the health thing. I’ve now been fighting this thing for 20 months. The medical leave taught me that I function much better when resting adequately. While I’m trying an off-label use of an antiviral that worked well for chronic fatigue patients in a small clinical trial, the trial took 6 months. I just don’t have it in me to hang in that much longer while I wait and see.

It’s going to be fiscally tight, but overall, this is really the best choice for me and Henry at this time. He’s been strongly suggesting it since spring, and now we really know that it will help and that it is more than worth the household belt-tightening to have the non-Zombie version of Chris most of the time. I’m going to get my 10.5 hours of sleep every night and eat healthier because I can wake up in time for the Farmer’s Market on the weekends and we can cook less for “what will feed us for 3 days so we can get through most of the week without cooking?”. I’ll also be napping as much as my body demands and walking down to the Mexican grocery on the corner during the week. I might even get enough concentration back to tackle a few projects with gusto that have on the backburner for nearly a year.

Obviously, this is why I mentioned that this podcast is going to become more regular in the future in the state of the Chris. My internet service has to change companies in mid-October, right when I leave work. If I go silent for a bit, it’s because I’m down to tweeting and emailing from my phone. I may not get direct tweets, but please do email me and say hi!. In the meantime, I’ll be editing shows for release when I’m back up, gardening, napping, and maybe even recreating my homepage that points to all the projects I have going/done on the web.

I feel like I have tied the bungee cord to my ankles and leaned a bit too far forward on a tall bridge. It’s a relief and it’s scary and it doesn’t quite feel real and there is a metaphorical whooshing sound in my ears. This could be a wonderful thing that enables me to get better and take up some old creative projects and the life plan I had 2 years ago. This could be a horrible mistake that I will regret in 5 years. I don’t know. It’s a necessary choice and it seems right with what I know at this moment. So I’m going to water my plants, plant the seedling that I germinated in cups this weekend, and then shower and go to bed.

Take care, be happy, and wish me luck.
Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out.

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6 Responses to “I quit my job today”

  1. P.G. Holyfield Says:

    Good luck, Chris!

  2. siliconchef Says:

    Good luck brave woman! I look forward to seeing a happy and well rested kitty in the future :)

  3. Lori Says:

    Wishing you all the best with this new adventure in your life. I’m here if there is any support I can give….

  4. Gary The Great Says:

    I can imagine it’s a relief and fright all at the same time. You show alot guts to take a step like that. Kudos to you. I’ll be rooting for you. So will many others I’m sure.

    GO CHRIS!!!

  5. Brad Bowyer Says:

    Good luck!

  6. The Fixed Kitty Says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    Heh. Stay-at-home childfree. Too many syllables. Stay-at-home geek?