DragonCon pics from other peoples’ Flickrs

I think I earned the name “Steampunk Ambassador” for all the times I explained “about all the goggles this year” to people. ;) Here are the photos of my costume’s final version from other people’s Flickr sets. If you know of/took other photos of my costume, please send me a link! There were other photographers at the shoot, but there was a lot happening, and the goggles only give me tunnel vision, so I’m not sure who they were…

First, the ivory twenties’ dress that I rebeaded, photo by Jason Adams:

A tribute to Panda of Free Planet X, photo by P.C. Haring:

This shot is going to be my new web 2.0 icon, thanks to P.C… I just need to crop, upload to the various apps, etc.:

And from Gutshot (ah, web 2.0, which makes “Brandon” sound off, or unfamiliar as a friend’s name):

And the pages with the League of Justice-Minded Citizenry shoot:
Jared Axelrod/JR Blackwell:
Jason Adams:
(and some b/w!) http://flickr.com/photos/thekinginyellow/sets/72157607166598983/

It was a blast. I miss everybody, but I hope to see you next year!

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2 Responses to “DragonCon pics from other peoples’ Flickrs”

  1. Derek Colanduno Says:

    And, next year…. I hope to see you for more than about 10 seconds! :)

  2. The Fixed Kitty Says:

    That would be nice, too! :D