Why TASCF has been silent.

agh, what a month (reposted from my LJ: ChrisFixedKitty)

I’m going to save the LA CFS specialist report for after the phone followup next week. Might as well do it all in one piece then. That visit used up the first week of my medical leave in the doing of it and the recovering from all that driving. Since then, my sister-in-law and a college buddy were in town, and then I had a few sleep-days recovering from very good visits.

My PC gave out during a Windows update (Mac users, please don’t start. Expensive Windows-version software, tight budget, etc…) and was in the shop for 4 days. Then 3 days of redownloading and rebuilding and finding backups and blech. So I’m just now really back up. I’m not sure when podcasting will resume. I’m a bit sick of the computer screen at this point. I don’t know what’s happening with the Steampunk Spectacular currently. I hope it’s coming back from hiatus soon.

The last week of the all-you-can-sleep and frequent resting has done some good. I’m now waking on my own after 10.5-11.5 hours of sleep instead of 11.5-12 hours. The post-allnighter-yucky feeling has faded except for the first hour of the day and an hour or so of the afternoon. I can concentrate well enough to read a chapter of nonfiction at a time in the afternoon, and I finally read The 5 Fists of Science comic book that has been on my shelf for months. I’m indulging in one Lord Dunsany short story at the end of most evenings, and I’m nearly done with the collection I bought at Wondercon.

Mostly, I’ve been cleaning and sewing. My oldest cat, Perry the neurotic eternal kitten, who now feels her age occasionally and wants to be held or sleep in laps for comfort at any opportunity, who knows the sound of the starting music of video games as a sign that we will be sitting for at least half an hour, and who still squeaks rather than meows, has been chasing the swaying cords of serger thread as I sew. Good times.

I will be finishing my DragonCon costumery this weekend. We might attend the PEERS picnic dance on Saturday. I’m starting to sew normal summer skirts and tops for myself. Google Burda patterns for free and cheap patterns. I’m starting the muslin of a CSO jacket I planned a year ago this weekend. In the last year, as an admitted hope-filled coping strategy for all the too-tired-can’t-think, I had slowly accumulated supplies for so many sewing and beading projects for “when I feel better.” Now I’m using some of them, doing some Xmas gift crafting, and generally feeling happier from lack of feeling awful. The crafting and PC recovery and cleaning-activity-ramping-to-exercise goals, combined with sleeping so much, have not permitted any boredom.

I have cleared out one bag of Don’t-Really-Needits and reorganized the linen closet to prevent sheetslide. This gave me 2 sets of truly ugly handmedown sheets to use for muslins and linings. 6 canvas bags of recyclables have left the apartment. Living on the third floor, it cannot be said that I am not exercising. I have also started stretching again, and I remember about half the days. Next week I tackle reorganizing the kitchen food and pan cupboards and discarding storage containers and lids that no longer have mates; they’re the socks of the kitchen. I continue to tackle my office and have at least 2 more bags of Don’t-Really-Needits in here. Today I will replant more pots of basil, dill, green onions, and parsley. Why won’t my parsley thrive when everything else does? I’m using all my old beautiful orchid and bonsai pots and deep plastic food containers. Very odd miscellany with a sort of wistful air.

Now on to today’s tasks.

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