No, I haven’t podfaded. Check the “blogging” entries (link on the right sidebar) for the explanation.

Note: while this podcast always has an “explicit” rating, this Adult Space discussion is not entirely safe for work in most cube-type places.

http://dragoncontv.com/ really fun video shorts- Brian, thanks for the intro!

http://www.idoNOTwantkids.com a free kidfree dating site

Peter from Belgium created a childfree dating group on facebook

Reminder: CF Stepparent feedback and additional experiences to be shared next episode, as well as a discussion about what you have made your #1 life priority, aka “what’s your major bonus for being CF this week?” discussion followup.

And our interview: Comparing alternative lifestyles and their effects on our lives: Minx from the Polyamory Weekly podcast. She puts together a well-produced, intelligent show that has TONS of fodder for considering what you want in/out of your relationships, whether you’re monogamous, single, or polyamorous! Great conversation starter for couples who thought they’d already discussed everything. http://polyweekly.com/

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2 Responses to “TASCF-Ep058-MinxPolyamoryWeekly”

  1. ComputerKing Says:

    Yay! More show! I’ve missed it.

  2. The Adult Space Child Free Podcast » Blog Archive » Chris’s Twittering on 2008-08-19 Says:

    [...] childfree life, currently somewhat curtailed by chronic fatigue syndrome. « TASCF-Ep058-MinxPolyamoryWeekly Chris’s Twittering on 2008-08-20 [...]