Steampunk Catwoman trial run pics

Here are some pictures of this year’s DragonCon costume. Per the experienced costumer’s tradition, I always test the whole ensemble before the event. In this case, I discovered 2 breakages which were easy to remedy at home but would have been difficult in Atlanta.

League of Justice-Minded Citizenry, beware! The promenade also displays less lofty members of society.

So many months of work. Worth it, although I forgot the cat ears and makeup for the trial run.

The parasol and boots are staying home due to suitcase space limits, replaced by matching slippers, cat ears, and a fan. Should the bustle stay home? The one that’s small enough to pack into a suitcase is very “Natural Forms era” in scope and probably too subtle for the majority of congoers to perceive. It may seem as though I simply have a mutantly oversized arse+hips WRT the rest of me. Opinions? Leave a comment, tweet DM, or email me.

Oh, and if you see a gal in ivory 20s dress and cat ears at Mssr. Sigler’s party or at the Parsecs, say hi and take my picture, OK? I am leaving the photography to others this time around, again due to the space limitations of modern air travel.


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8 Responses to “Steampunk Catwoman trial run pics”

  1. spambrian Says:


  2. Nuri Says:

    Instead of a bustle, I’ve opted for a quickie bum-roll made of synthetic fleece. Gives just enough bulk, but compressible enough to fit easily in my suitcase. Of course, my skirt is a little shorter, since Firestar doesn’t wear pants, so it’s not as heavy.

  3. Jagi Lamplighter Wright Says:

    I didn’t know you were blogging! Cool!

  4. Bonnie Says:

    Stunning! I think you should take the bustle and see if there’s a creative way to enhance it with hotel pillows. (Assuming, of course, no damage is done to the pillows.)

    Have a great trip!


  5. Kathleen Crowley Says:

    Beautifully done!
    Take your underpinnings! It really does make a difference - not only in silouette, but how you move and feel in your costume.


  6. Traeonna Says:

    I agree with Kathleen; take your underpinnings. I can understand ditching the parasol, but the boots? :( Those are some darned sexy boots with that outfit. It’s strange seeing you with your hair up. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it so…gone. Oh, and if you see Siggy…give him some Trae-love on my behalf…Although, I half want to punch him and call him an asshole and half want to buy him a beer. The jury is still out…we’ll see when he releases more episodes on current podiobooks.

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    [...] Chris Fisher’s Steampunk costume [...]

  8. Edward Says:

    Awesome cos! Cant say that I saw you at Dragon Con but I LOVE the costume!