Slight delays and gnashing of teeth

Gah. It’s been a bad stretch, and I don’t like to record when I’m this tired and grumpy. It’s very plain in my voice, and I wouldn’t want to listen to it, so I don’t post it.

I have 2 theories on why my neighbors-beneath have resumed their thumpy bass every night at 11:30 and a brief period on weekends before 10 am: 1. Summer is party time. 2. a college kid has returned to their household for the summer that I did not miss since Xmastime. College “kid”… see, it’s on topic! Ok, no. Now I just feel old. Anyway, this has done not-good things for the Chris and her needed weekend sleep binging and early bedtimes.

So I just need to record earlier in the week and earlier in the day. Maybe at lunch. How would you guys feel about some car-casting of intros and outros? Possibly some parking-lot casting? Is that better than long delays? Pretty soon, I expect some finalized good news that should alleviate that problem for awhile, but that doesn’t help the NOW. Details when they’re final.

Post a comment, let me know if a decrease in background noise quality would be ok in the short term or if you’d rather wait a bit longer. I’m hoping to post this week, maybe this weekend, but the partying downstairs might be extra-craptastically vibratory this weekend (US Independence day). So I hope to be talking to you soon. And be a less snarly fixed kitty for everyone’s good. CF out.

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One Response to “Slight delays and gnashing of teeth”

  1. Bravewolf Says:

    I wouldn’t mind a slight decrease in background noise quality as long as I can understand what you’re saying! :P