Bravewolf, you got it!

As the only response, you get your way! :)

I’ll try some carcasting to get the intro done. I’ve been sleeping 12 hours/night plus naps this weekend, so the usual Fixed Kitty cheer is finally back! I am not currently sounding like a Zombinc. employee! (Mur L has a rockin new audio drama over at Well, at least until the next week wears it down again by ~ Tues/Wed. But I’ll try the carcasting thing for the intro. Flexibility is the key to happiness, right? And yes, I got the site hosting renewed on time this year, so expect another year of my blog/podcast ramblings!

Currently doing weekly laundry, having cooked for the week yesterday and this afternoon. It is going to be a tasty, tasty week. CF out.

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