CFS cry for help from the podosphere.

OK, I give. I need help from you guys trying to get treatment. Here’s the file that I would greatly appreciate you hearing and passing along through the podosphere:

I will put it into the other feed this week. Please pass it along and help if you can. Thanks.

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7 Responses to “CFS cry for help from the podosphere.”

  1. Voice of Free Planet X, Episode 131: Feedback To Front | Jared Axelrod Says:

    [...] Also, long time listener Christ the Fixed Kitty of the Adult Space Child Free Podcast has a request. [...]

  2. The Fixed Kitty Says:

    As a kid, the state school tests only had 5 spaces for first name, so I was “Christ Fisher” every year. It’s been awhile since I was deified again! Check out Jared’s show. Go back and listen to at least the 3 or 4 eps of Even in Arcadia. It’s Jeevy goodness!

  3. Nobilis Says:

    As someone who lives with someone with disability which is similar in kind if not in character, you have my abject sympathy. I will play your call for action.

  4. Nobilis Says:

    Dee says to check out this place:

    She has heard good things about them, but hasn’t tried them personally.

  5. Leann Says:

    we should chat.

    THIS can be old news.

  6. Chris the Fixed Kitty Says:

    Nobilis- Thanks. I’ve looked at the center’s site, but I’m a little skeptical of any doctor office with its own online supplement store. Not usual practice for MDs, you know? Still, I’ve requested their information.

    Leann- yes, we must talk.

    CF out.

  7. Sonitotum Podcast Episode Fourteen -- Promotional Consideration | Matthew Wayne Selznick Says:

    [...] Help Christine Fisher! [...]