Happy holiday/nearly 2008!

I believe I dragged an entire media group into tech hell with me, rather than get pulled out by them. As Murphy’s High Priestess of Podcasting, I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m hoping to be up sometime in the first quarter of the new year, may it be better all around than this one. Since we last talked, I’ve been in a car accident, recovered 95%, repaired my car, been reimbursed, bought a telescope, finished and mailed my Xmas crafts, and learned how to make pretty decent dumplings from scratch. I also caught my first nasty cold of the season, and my voice is now recovering. At the company Holiday party, I walked away with a sizeable Harry & David’s gift basket and am still nibbling away at it. Whoo!

Congrats to the new No Kidding! chapters: Orange County, CA; Tulsa, OK; Belgrade, Montana; and Shenzen, China. See the sidebar link on the right to find your nearest chapter or how to start one.

If you are a blogger attending BlogHer this summer, and you’re interested in being on a childfree women’s panel, please contact me. Teri the Purple woman is organizing this, and we need a voice to counteract the very vocal mommybloggers group being seen as encompassing all of techno-NewMedia-womanhood. Not to dis them or diminish their importance to the blogosphere, but society already has this tendency to see all women as now-or-future-mommies, and that’s just not true anymore. The first step to respecting women outside that social role is recognition that womanhood is separate from mommyhood. That will help us all.

If my podcast doesn’t get up in another month, I’ll probably revert to mor regular text-blogging and be on the panel as the relevant-stats-presenter. As it is, I don’t know if podcast-with-show-notes-blog counts. What do you think? Does it count as blogging? Let me know at the podcast at gettingby.net email.

Also, I’m dropping the voicemail line in 3 weeks at the end of this billing cycle. It’s a paid-for line, and I just can’t justify the monthly expense with my photo business (chronic fatigue) and my podcast (tech hell) both down for an unknown time. So if you ever felt like leaving a voice “hello” to me, please do so before Jan. 20th. 510-402-4888 while it lasts.

Chris the Fixed Kitty, the Once and Future Podcaster, signing out.

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2 Responses to “Happy holiday/nearly 2008!”

  1. JRMurdock Says:

    Glad to know you’re doing better after all that’s happened. I’ve gone through my own tech hell (finally found the golden path back out.) Even though I’m not childless, I still find people who choose to remain childless an interesting lot. Some days I wish I was. :) but 99% of the time I don’t.

    I fully get the over-Disneyfication of the world and find it depressing that 13 year old girls (and their parents) are deciding the media for a majority of the world. Too many people who do have kids end up thinking that it’s someone else’s responsibility to raise THEIR kid. I never understand those people.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to rant. :) I had to suffer one of these parents who chose NOT to watch their kid at McDonald’s and all of us there got annoyed with the little kid. That was until the kid disappeared and the parent (about 15 minutes later) freaked out that the kid was missing. To make a pathetic story short, the kid had left McD’s and wandered to the store next door. One of the employees next door came back with the kid and the distraught parent. I kept think that they need to issue parenting licenses, but that’s my opinion.

    Okay, I’m done ranting. :) Get better soon! Oh, and let’s start to beat up on Jack about Dirk Moonfire. I’m dying to hear him finally get that one out. I’ll let you guess who did the voice of Dirk. heh heh


  2. The Fixed Kitty Says:

    I am busily getting better, which happily involves lots of chicken soup, tea, and laying in bed beading and watching movies during the day and laying in bed beading and watching a Dr. Who marathon in the evening with Henry. We’re up to 1978. I’m starting to see things I remember, only this time I can talk in full sentences. I still want Romana’s amazing white fluffy. ;)

    Yeesh on the kid at the McDonald’s. Were you there at 2 am when security swept all the party rooms at Dragon*Con trying to find a 13-year-old girl last seen at 6pm? NOT an everyone space…. very scary. This is why the illusion of childproofing the world is dangerous to kids. Doomed childproofing attempts are also dangerous to my freedom of speech and ability to attend adult-oriented gatherings. And Who-da-funk thought Dragon*con at 6pm was safe for a 13-year-old to wander solo? Just asking…

    And yes, I wish to hear Dirk Moonfire assembled. After all, I have waited most of my life to be Queen of the Nefarious Space Women. Umm, I blush at the things I have said to you/Dirk. Nothing personal. ;)