Soon, my patient listeners.

I’m accumulating so much science/social news for the next shows. As they say in anime, please look forward to it!

Ready to hop back in the saddle,
She of a Thousand Naps
Chris the Fixed Kitty

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2 Responses to “Soon, my patient listeners.”

  1. Rowsdower Says:

    Howdy, I just learned about your site from the Geologic podcast and really dig the show. I’m up to show 16 so far. I’m not able to get into the forums for some reason, but hopefully it is just down for the moment. Anyway, keep up the good work and look forward to catching up on the shows.


  2. The Fixed Kitty Says:

    Hi! The forums got hacked… *sigh* They are now ex-forums.

    Luckily, there will be new forums in another month or so (All hail Farpoint Media!) and I will update the link then. Glad you’re liking it! Thank you!