TASCF-Ep053 George Hrab part 1

Episode 53!!!

First: a big change will be hitting the feed in the next few weeks. If this is the last podcast in this feed and it is after the 3rd week of October, things went kablooie. I will post updates via blog until then. All rts, copyright 2007 CF, ask for clips-permission at podcast @ gettingby.net or the voicemail line 510-402-4888.

Pre-interview happy things: PME and seeing usually distant friends. The 4th Annual Childfree Pride Day (4th Saturday in September).

Singer, musician, Skeptic, snappy dresser, blogger, podcaster, former Greek God impersonator, circumstantially childfree person and now h’author George Hrab!

The Non-Coloring Book is now available (despite what you may hear during this out-of-date interview) at http://lulu.com/georgehrab for purchase as both print and download.

George’s biolojams are available through CDbaby.com at: http://www.cdbaby.com/all/geologic/

We talk about his book, Bruce Campbell and Bubba Ho-tep, 12 Byzantine Emperors, the English language, packaging, the creative process, music, superpowers of choice (of course).

Happy things: Ron and Fez and other shows on XM radio. Also the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, atheism and agnosticism and application of the BS meter, what atheists believe in, Julia Sweeney’s Letting Go of God, and more!

Until October, Chris the Fixed Kitty, She ofa Thousand Naps, signing out.

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