Chris as Agatha Heterodyne, GIRL GENIUS cosplay pics

Yay! I finished my costume for Dragon Con! the source material, and Agatha is entirely the property of Studio Foglio. Hi, Cheyenne! I think I need you to color me correctly. ;)

pic 1 of the front

pic 2 of the back and the amazingly spinny skirt.

So now you guys know what I look like. And that I am a total geek. Oh wait, you knew that.

Chris the Fixed Kitty, sitting back down in her podcasting chair to get the next episode out. And certainly not planning to take over the world with quasi-culinary-death-machines.

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4 Responses to “Chris as Agatha Heterodyne, GIRL GENIUS cosplay pics”

  1. invadersteven Says:

    A most excellent costume. Also, the spokesmodel is really cute. ::grin::

  2. The Fixed Kitty Says:

    Awwwww, thanks! :)

  3. Brian Brown Says:

    Awesome stuff! YAY!!!!!!!

  4. Gary Says:

    Looks great. I like the brooch too. Nice touch.