TASCF-Ep044 Callouts and Administrivia

Episode 44 is out.

Moment of Silence for Joe Murphy from Episode 29. Cheyenne Wright of Episode 41 made a very touching cartoon about Joe. You can find it at http://arcanetimes.com/ or at the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund site. Leann of Tag in the Seam set that up.

Pinnacle Games linked me. Ummm, that will improve my gaming, right? http://www.peginc.com/ I AM Skippy the WonderDog!

I read Escape Pod’s Episode 99 story, “Stop the Clock” by B. Rosenbaum. http://www.escapepod.org/2007/03/29/ep099-start-the-clock/

New promo and a reminder that the 1-Podyear-Anniversary is coming up.

Happy Stuff: The cube move is over. I review my Q1 New Year’s Resolutions, and I didn’t do half bad. And that glass isn’t half-full or half-empty. It’s wet.

Later! Chris, signing out.

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