I’m working on it, folks. Any help appreciated.

I’m working on the problems. There are lots of them. Let me know if I’ve missed any:
1. Selected episodes are not hitting the feed. (36, 38, and now 39)
2. iTunes has dumped all but episode 38.5 and is not picking up new episodes.
3. Episode 39 did not upload correctly. It’s about 30some megs, roughly 40 minutes long, not 6 seconds.
4. There is some enclosures-not-being-created problem with either my aged wordpress version or my new podpress upgrade. I don’t understand feeds for crap, but I am getting the more knkowledgeable to help me. Don’t mock my just-a-tooluser status if you’ve taken any kind of medication and can’t also do the basic molecular engineering to get high yields of protein from culture. We’re all just a user for some area of life. This is one of mine.
5. Audacity still crashes way too often, and I haven’t figured out the new program yet.

The problems are complex. They are many. While this may take awhile to completely fix (like more than just another week), I am not freakin’ podfading. If you have ideas on the problems or solutions, please share them with me.

I will post a little status report next week. Emails and calls of support would be most welcome to remind me why the freakin’ L this mess is worth fixing. Info on the right sidebar.

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