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Alert: Upcoming revamp

August 9th 2010 in Uncategorized

Alert: I’m taking down the existing blog posts later today, but Catherine’s official and personal musings will reappear in this virtual space very soon. Ish. Read to the end for details.

Catherine and I have been arguing in my head. We’ve decided that I will tell you my reasons for our current hiatus and change in direction, and she will present her point of view. The project will continue when we have the new direction sorted out and the old entries adjusted to match more harmoniously with the intended new plots and timeline.

  • Chris: I started this project to brush the iron oxide off my writing skills, as that part of my brain seems to be coming back online after 3 years of chronic fatigue mental meltdown. The blog aspect was intended to be low-pressure with some chance of amusing my friends; occasional feedback; and encouragement of short, near-daily entries. I also wanted a way to interact with several of the Twitter role-play (rp) groups and individuals. I have since joined 3 rp groups, which alters my desire to rush along the plotlines that concern a certain device.

Catherine: In all fairness to myself, affording Chris a virtual social outlet in addition to my other duties was stretching me past thin. I am an avid practical naturalist by training, not an aetheric theorist. In hurrying the device-related plotlines, progress was significantly delayed in elaborating upon the strange fauna, flora, and geology which are of far greater interest to me and, I believe, to Chris.

  • Chris:  It takes far longer to re-imagine strange creatures, eco-systems, and sensible methodology for studying such than near-daily entries allow. I am the Queen of Anti-Useful Self-Pressure in my creative projects. Near-daily posting was getting in the way of writing and plotting in the level of detail I prefer. Continuing and rushing was a mistake on my part. I am pleased that my ability to plot ahead has increased dramatically since this project was first imagined, and I’d like to do Catherine & Co. more justice than I could then.

Catherine: All of my attempts at helpful prompting, reminders, and random idea insertion into Chris’s mind, in both the dreaming and waking states, have been classified as “nagging”, particularly after more than 2 days have lapsed between posting log entries. I apologize, as this was inconsiderate, unhelpful, and if I might speak absolutely frankly, poor handling of her psyche on my part. Also, several failed attempts at collaboration with other online personages who have since disappeared from the internet have dampened Chris’s spirits, and I did not react to these interruptions with any greater grace than she did. This fresh start will also remove the foreshadowings that were built around those un-manifested interactions, which should cheer Chris and tidy my life to our shared eminent satisfaction.

  • Chris: Catherine’s life is… well, to reference Captain Tightpants of Browncoat fame, we’ve opened that book to the middle. The revelations of what went before were rushed and made sloppy. This was another mistake. A version of Catherine’s life may be something publishable at some time, and the rushing and the references to intellectual property not owned by me for the sake of virtual social interaction would all need to be removed and reworked later. Better to restart when less rework is required.

Catherine: Chris’s ambition toward publication is admirable, albeit likely premature for this project, but we are in agreement that the overly sentimental tones of certain passages and indiscreet conversations were ill-befitting a career officer, lady or no. I am quite intrigued by this Captain Tightpants, however. Is he in my future? I’ve been quite clear that I prefer to remain married to the Corps and to discovery than to the usual domesticity of my sex’s life, but limiting the joys of… discreet personal observation at a polite distance would be to remove part of the essential humanity that even lady officers might muse upon during the cold nights at altitude.

Chris:  Down, girl. He’s part of the otherwise-owned intellectual property that we’re keeping out of your story. I miiiiight be convinced to toss a particularly charming, independent man with fine physical features your way. We’ll talk about that later, privately.

  • Catherine: Very well. I believe we have accomplished the aims of this missive to those who have so kindly taken an interest in my affairs, excepting some purposely-vague prediction of when they might expect to resume the satisfaction of their curiosity.

Chris: You’re right, but I don’t know.  For a myriad of immutable reasons, this is a terrible time for setting my efforts against this sort of self-imposed deadline, and I can only state that nothing is going to appear until, at the very earliest, mid-September.

 Catherine: You’re falling into my patterns of verbiage again.

Chris: Damn you, Catherine, and Jane Austen and A.C. Doyle to boot.  Good night, Gracie.

Catherine: One of our readers is named Gracie? Good night, Grace!

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