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December 14, 2008

New Home Page!

First, a hundred thanks to InvaderSteven for teaching me how to properly install Wordpress.  [Thank you} x100.

I will deal with putting in a nice theme and such soon.  In the meantime, here are all the current things you might have expected to find her ein a different visual presentation:

Welcome to, an exceedingly ugly temporary page where Chris Fisher, aka Chris the Fixed Kitty, stores all the links to her various projects!   I’ll be using blog software for this, soon, I promise!


About Chris/Contact information is at: but the studio phone number is defunct.  Additional contact info:

v  Email me at “podcast at” for anything related to any of my (or your) digital projects.

v  Email me at “chris at” for Paypal and for social stuff.

v  I am on Twitter as 

v  I LiveJournal at

v  I am also on Facebook, but please include a “how you know me” message in any friend requests.  I’m Christine Fisher in the Silicon Valley network.

v  I have an Amazon Wishlist if you should wish to send me a present (Shameless? Me? Nevah!)

Current projects:

v  The Adult Space Child Free Podcast and blog/show notes:

v  My Etsy store of items I’ve made:

v  The Steampunk Spectacular podcast at

v  I put some of my photos up at

 Coming in 2009:

v  For the Love of Science!  This will be a blog at first, possibly growing into a podcast.  I’m currently getting the blog set up, with the help of some friends. and

o   Email me at for anything related to this.

Hiatus projects (outdated examples, sadly):

o CFCS writing services

o CFCS photography services

o   Chronic fatigue is really yucky, and these projects will revive when I am better.


Finished projects:

ü  I taught myself Photoshop by doing a webcomic for 13 months, GettingByComics.  This wry look at retail employment, graduate school, and sanity in the face of John Q. Public ended when I moved 3000 miles away from all my friends who posed for the characters.  You can see the art improve over time!

ü  Silk dying and Middle Eastern dance/costuming.  This won’t be coming back for a long time.



All content of all of these website pages is Copyright 2006, 2007, or 2008 Christine Fisher.  All rights reserved except where otherwise noted.  That means no borrowing, using, or stealing any of it for any reason without my permission.  Luckily, I will probably give you permission if you ask by emailing me at “podcast @” with the spaces removed.

Last updated to this temporary ghastly Word-generated webpage on Dec 14, 2008.  Yes, I’m going to  make this all look much better very shortly.

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