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February 1, 2010

Updated March 30, 2010

About Chris/Contact information is at: but the studio phone number is defunct. 



  • Costume Project Photos:
  • Steampunk Catwoman: The best photos can be found in the set of the League of Justice-Minded Citizenry photos from the DragonCon crew of podcaster/cos-geeks.  There are several photoshoot galleries as well as my 1920′a reconstructed dress at:
  • Agatha Heterodyne, Girl Genius: and yes, I’ve appeared in a wigged version at several cons also.  If you see a Klaus Wulfenbach-esque personage beside me in some con photo somewhere, that is my real-life husband.
  • Lucrezia/Agatha Heterodyne, Girl Genius (sold):  Evil… winning the hall costume award “Pure Evil Genius” with this costume really made my weekend.
  • Indefinite Hiatus projects: Chronic fatigue is really yucky, and these projects may revive when I am better.  I’ve been ill for 3 years so far, so fervent breath-holding may not be appropriate.
  • The Adult Space Child Free Podcast and blog/show notes: The previous site was but many of the links there are now broken.
  • CFCS writing services
  • CFCS photography services
  • Silk dying and Middle Eastern dance/costuming.  This won’t be coming back for a long time
  • Finished projects:
  • I taught myself Photoshop by doing a webcomic for 13 months, GettingByComics.  This wry look at retail employment, graduate school, and sanity in the face of John Q. Public ended when I moved 3000 miles away from all my friends who posed for the characters.  You can see the art improve over time!
  • The Steampunk Spectacular podcast’s news segments at
  • All content of all of these website pages is Copyright Christine Fisher for the various years of their production onwards.  All rights reserved except where otherwise noted.  That means no borrowing, using, or stealing any of it for any reason without my permission.  Luckily, I will probably give you permission if you ask by emailing me at “podcast @” with the spaces removed.

Chris the Fixed Kitty, signing out. Last updated: March 30, 2010